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100 years ago: Old Sales Book acquired from Atlanta General Store |

100 years ago

May 22, 1922: Mrs. Louisa Darnell of Armington has an old sales book from the Dills & Houser general store in Atlanta. Some prices on July 3, 1854: 66 eggs for 34 cents; cheese at a penny a pound; half a barrel of fish, $6.25; and credit to a customer who returned spoiled beef.

75 years ago

May 22, 1947: Aaron Lutz and Victor Braun started a fruit farm on 100 acres southeast of Bloomington. The two saw that local food markets were most short of fruits and vegetables, which gave them the impetus to open the farm. The first strawberries must be picked on June 10.

50 years ago

May 22, 1972: Water is rare to Normal. Recent headlines read “Go Easy on the Water” and “Water Emergency”, to name but two. The city is urging conservation, but it’s not going well. The city council is considering raising water tariffs to pay for additional water resources.

25 years ago

May 22, 1997: Restoration work on the exterior of the former Hawes Elevator in Atlanta has begun. In its next life it will be a museum to show how grain elevators worked, rather than having to do the dirty work. The Atlanta Historic Preservation Agency is coordinating the community effort.

Compiled by Jack Keefe; [email protected]