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A Burton convenience store with “dirty” staff washrooms given the poor hygiene rating

A Burton convenience store that had a “dirty” staff toilet and sink received a poor one-star food hygiene rating after an inspector visited. Raja Brothers in Wellington Street was visited by environmental health staff from East Staffordshire Borough Council as part of Rate My Place inspections.

The inspector noted that the hygienic handling of food, including preparation, cooking, reheating, cooling and storage, was “very good”, but it was the structure and cleaning of the store where they found The problems.

Owner Waseem Sajid told Staffordshire Live that since the inspection they were visited again around two weeks ago for another inspection and were then given the full ‘five stars’. She said all the issues that had been reported had now been sorted out ahead of the re-inspection.

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The store was visited on April 5, with the report made available now and viewed by Staffordshire Live after making a freedom of information request. The report states that the inspector reported that there was no hot water available at the sink as the boiler was off at the time of the visit.

The basin was in a “very dirty condition” and the staff toilets were described as being in a “dirty condition”. This needed to be rectified immediately, according to the report.

Mess, dirt and cobwebs were found in the back room and the shelves in the beverage store were also filthy, the report said. The inspector said that a number of the store’s ceiling panels were either missing or badly stained with moisture and that the seal on the milk fridge door was split.

It ended with the following message: “Although you had some temperature readings for your cold storage, these were not up to date. You also still did not have a safety management system in place. documented food that was required following the previous inspection in 2020.”

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