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Aldi store managers could earn more than HUF 1 million after recent hike

Inflation, growing shortage of jobs and increasing minimum wages are also pushing up wages in the commercial / retail sector. Aldi, known for his high salaries, increased his wages by 8%, which is above the official inflation rate. Spar also announced salary increases.

From 2022, minimum wages were increased by almost 20%: the minimum wage increased to 200,000 HUF (549 EUR) and the minimum wage for skilled workers to 260,000 HUF (713 EUR). It certainly drives up other salaries, in addition to skyrocketing inflation.

Aldi: salary increase of 8%

True to its reputation for high wages in the retail sector, Aldi has increased wages by 8% on average. In the chain of retailers:

  • the starting salary of a new store clerk or entry-level logistics assistant working eight hours a day will increase to 362,600 HUF gross (996) EUR from January 2022
  • 432,100 HUF gross (1,186 EUR) from the sixth year of employment with Aldi.
  • in addition, the highest salary available for this post is HUF 502,300 gross (EUR 1,379).

In the case of store managers,

  • the minimum starting wage is 651,700 HUF (1,789 EUR)
  • the manager of a high-turnover store who had held the position for 10 years, now pocket some HUF 1,052,000 gross (EUR 2,888) per month from the 11th year of employment.

Spar also increases wages

In the meantime, Spar has announced that it will offer its workers wages above the minimum wage. The German company also announced that it would invest some 8.6 billion HUF (23.6 million euros) in wage development in 2022.

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