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Bavincis launches an exclusive e-commerce store for Indians

Amazing are all these success stories across different industries and sectors around the world that aim to go beyond the unusual and catering to the people they serve through distinctive products/services and experiences. There are too many brands that start with this mission; however, only a few deliver on their promises and captivate their customers. Luckily, there has been a surge of a few brands and companies that not only promised huge but delivered far beyond and showed their A-game in their respective industries. We couldn’t help but notice the rise of one of these exceptional brands in the luxury fashion accessories market; it is Bavincis.

What is Bavincis, you ask? Well, it is a fashion accessories brand, which has now been launched exclusively as the first e-commerce site for customers in India. The team behind Bavincis is determined to bring Indian audiences the branded products they have always sought at affordable rates, which has helped the brand gain immense recognition and growth in the ever-competitive e-commerce world. . Bavincis under Bavincis Lifestyle LLP was created and organized with the vision to be a global fashion brand in every product category and in every market, with an emphasis on quality, value and customer satisfaction.

It’s the brains of a passionate man named Dhruvin Lakhankiya, who worked as a fashion designer in Italy before deciding to turn into an e-commerce entrepreneur with Bavincis in India. The company was launched in 2019 and is led by Dhruvin as founder and his wife Hemangi Lakhankiya as CEO and director of the company. Bavincis offers a long list of luxury fashion accessories such as sunglasses, watches and other fashion accessories and will soon launch other products such as wallets, bracelets, caps, belts, shoes, socks and apparel, offering quality-focused luxury and affordability. .

Indian buyers will no longer have to look elsewhere for their desires to own premium products as Bavincis makes it possible and that too at affordable rates, providing customers with products that offer elegance, style and uniqueness, all while a. With the team aiming to include many more products in the time to come, expanding their product range, they aim to make Bavincis a one stop shop for all things fashion and luxury.

Bavincis, as an international brand, is driven by its motto “Luxury is Affordable” and aims to continue to captivate customers with its high quality and affordable products.

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