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How do I claim this week’s (August 04) Epic Games Store free title? Unrailed is up for grabs

It’s another Thursday, and the Epic Games Store is offering Unrailed as its latest offering to players during the first and second week of August. In doing so, the Epic Games Store continues its tradition of bringing premium games to the community at no additional cost. Although slightly different from the other releases, Unrailed is a fun game that can provide hours of joy for any player.

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The Epic Games Store has rapidly gained popularity in the PC gaming sphere since its debut with the Unreal Engine. Regular freebies are made available to users, and some of them have even been major titles like Borderlands 3. While Unrailed might not be such a big budget game, it’s still an opportunity unique for gamers. Plus, the game is a great title, especially for those looking for chaotic multiplayer action. The game also works efficiently on multiple devices, making it a great choice to play with your friends and family. However, the most important thing to know is how to use the game and add it to its Epic Games library.

Unrailed offers chaotic and exciting multiplayer action in a simple setting and is free on the Epic Games Store

First, players can use the game for free until August 11, the second Thursday of the month. The offer will expire at 3:00 p.m. BST, so players should use it before then.

Obviously, players will definitely need an Epic Games Store account to use the game. If they don’t have one, they can create one for free from the game’s website, with the process being quite simple. The account can also be linked to console accounts to enjoy cross-play in games like Fall Guys.

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Once an account has been created, players must log in from a browser or the Epic Games Store PC app. Once logged in, players should search for the game in the search bar. They can also scroll down the homepage to find Unrailed as part of this week’s free tier.

Players should then click on the game and go to its page. On the game page, they need to click “Get”, which will take them to the next step in the process. Usually players need to add their payment details and confirm the final invoice. However, they won’t have to spend anything on Unrailed as it’s currently available for free.

Once they hit Confirm, the game will be added to their library. Players can download and install the game to enjoy for free. If players repurchase the game within the next seven days, it will be added at no cost and can be kept indefinitely.

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At first glance, Unrailed is a relatively simple game. Players must play together to continue building a track for a train to continue its journey. However, this is easier said than done, as players will face several challenges. It also requires ongoing communication and coordination between friends to make sure the tracks are made correctly. Overall, it’s a great game for spending time with friends and family, with a solid challenge to play.

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