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In Iran, rising bread prices have sparked protests and burning shops

Rising bread prices sparked protests in Iran, some shops were set on fire, prompting authorities to arrest a number of “provocateurs”.

A cut in government subsidies for imported wheat sparked the protests, leading to price increases of up to 300% for a range of basic flour products. Iran’s reported inflation rate is around 40%, although other experts believe it is closer to 50%.

Nearly half of the 82 million Iranians currently live in poverty. In the coming months, the government aims to distribute digital coupons for subsidized bread in restricted quantities. The rest will be sold at market prices. Later, more food items will be introduced.

There were scattered protests in a number of cities, according to IRNA, in which crowds chanted slogans against rising prices and some shops were set on fire. A total of 22 people were arrested. “Despite attempts by the provocateurs to incite protesters, the rallies ended with the intervention of security forces,” IRNA said, adding that calm had been restored.

About 200 people protested Thursday in Shahr-e Kord in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province in western Iran, IRNA said. “The rally ended at the request of law enforcement to prevent thugs from exploiting the situation,” IRNA said.

The largest protest took place in Dezful, in the oil-rich southwestern province of Khuzestan, where IRNA said around 300 people had been dispersed by security forces. He said 15 people had been arrested for “attempting to cause chaos” in the city.

Summary of news:

  • In Iran, rising bread prices have sparked protests and burning shops
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