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Besides being potentially too boring, online meetings are worse when there is too much background noise. While we’ve all learned to accept the barking of dogs, crying babies, or the loud noises of road traffic in the background, what if we don’t have to?

IRIS Clarity is a desktop application that uses AI voice isolation technology to remove all annoying background noise from online meetings. The app is available for Mac and Windows and works on all communication platforms, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet.

The software setup is quite simple and there are no complicated setups. You click download and start. By simply activating IRIS Clarity, surrounding noise is suppressed in real time. Since the technology behind the app is multi-directional, ambient and background noise is not only removed from your audio, but is also suppressed for all participants in the call. In addition, the app runs directly on your device and nothing is saved or transferred, so your data is safe.

According to the company, by removing these disruptive sounds, “IRIS Clarity enables clearer communications”, which enables conversations with “greater focus and engagement”. Ultimately, this results in a reunion where the “you’re muted” dance is a thing of the past. And, hopefully, having to repeat yourself over and over will come to an end.

Due to an increase in demand for video communication tools, a range of applications for video conferencing, video transcription and video presentations have filled the market. Each one promises to be better than the next. If IRIS Clarity is the best, I’ll let you decide. However, it’s pretty neat, and I think a lot of us would really like a crisp sound.

So if you want to see if IRIS Clarity is as good as it sounds, their website has sample audio clips that you can listen to, such as office calls, call centers, phone control. air traffic, etc. action.

Overall, the AI ​​technology behind the app is smart, and it’s very useful for teams in high volume areas where turning sound on and off is a big deal.