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SES imagotag: How EUROSPAR boosts in-store sales with VUSION Engage


EUROSPAR Barrow Street is located in the heart of Dublin’s tech district. The store welcomes hundreds of customers daily, serving groceries and basic necessities. The new Engage labels have been deployed effortlessly in the EuroSpar store by the same team that handles regular e-Paper labels. As part of its innovation roadmap, EUROSPAR volunteered to test, pilot and monitor the return on investment of the first live installation of 4-color e-Paper labels around the world, with the aim of boosting their in-store sales. Engage beacons are managed and monitored in the VUSION Cloud Platform and Run on VUSION OS. To maximize their impact, larger formats have been placed on the end caps to boost in-store sales. We are always on the lookout for new technologies to bring innovative solutions to our customers. Thanks to the new Engage labels developed by SES-imagotag, we are finally able to highlight products in a very engaging way, while highlighting key information or content for our customers. John Prendergast, EUROSPAR store owner Barrow St. The results seen in-store were remarkable with a +61% increase in sales over previous weeks, and +41% over other non-label Engage bits.

The challenge

Shelves and end caps can be difficult to maintain and animate; that’s why more and more retailers like EUROSPAR is turning to digital technologies such as electronic shelf tags. However, these tags must have dynamic and attractive screens to trigger purchasing decisions, even more so on the tips which are a recognized sales booster ensuring premium visibility, whether the products are on sale or not. Thanks to the new generation of displays used on the Engage labels (4 color displays compared to 3 previously), EUROSPAR was finally able to have a solution capable of reinforcing the marketing impact of in-store campaigns and promotions, while being able to track Engage’s ROI and boost in-store sales. Bits are one of the key elements of our marketing and promotion strategy, as well as one of the prime locations in all grocery stores. It is fundamental for us to have a technology capable of boosting our campaigns and giving premium exposure to the products we decide to place there. David O’Leary, Store Supervisor at EUROSPAR Barrow St.

The solution to boost their in-store sales

4-color e-Paper technology and Engage labels meet the challenge of highlighting key promotions or campaigns, and providing retailers, as well as brands, with an agile and powerful solution to easily highlight all products in store. Fully managed in the Cloud and running on VUSION OS, Engage labels benefit from unparalleled agility and scalability thanks to the platform and technology developed by SES-imagotag. Stores like EUROSPAR can deploy these new labels, without additional infrastructure costs, and manage them through the same software platform they use for their regular digital labels, while being able to increase their in-store sales. We were thrilled to be the first to roll out Engage labels in a physical store, and even more surprised at how easy it was to set up. From the moment we received these new labels, we were able to really bring our tips to life and boost our campaign efforts. Marcin Wysocki, Store Supervisor at EUROSPAR Barrow St.

The Results and how EUROSPAR boosted in-store sales

In addition to the high-level impact of VUSION labels in saving time and money, Engage labels bring additional benefits through their premium state-of-the-art displays. After their installation, the sales levels of the products presented on the earmolds increased by +61%. When you compare the sales of products highlighted by Engage labels with other products featured on non-Engage earmolds, sales nevertheless increased by +41%, which exceeded the brand’s expectations.Thanks to Engage labels, we were able to transform our shelves into Super End Caps. The results are astonishing and confirm the strong impact of this new technology on consumers. We plan to exploit these labels more and more in the future. And also on regular shelves to highlight targeted products during specific marketing campaigns that we can plan with the brands. John Prendergast, EUROSPAR store owner Barrow St.