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“So our district is going to the right area.” Liquor store application denied

DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) – Sandhar Liquor’s application on 3rd Avenue in Dothan was filed by the Dothan City Commission on September 6 after residents raised concerns about the store’s arrival in their neighborhood, and on Tuesday , Sandhar Liquor learned of his fate.

“We haven’t received a motion or a second of approval or denial,” Dothan Town Mayor Mark Saliba said. “Therefore, we have denied the request.”

Earlier this month, 200 signatures were signed by people who were against the idea of ​​a liquor store coming to 3rd Avenue or what residents call “Ford Country.”

One thing residents considered before signing the petition was the effect on the crime rate the liquor store might have.

“So when I got the stats and that information,” Ford Country resident Derrick Tiller said. “I realized that’s something we don’t want in our neighborhood. This is something that would already lead to a high crime rate, where the crime rate is already high.

Now the commission, due to parliamentary procedure, rejected the request because no motion was presented by any of the commissioners and from the commissioners there was no pressure or will for a motion to approve the store or deny it.

Tiller says it shows his confidence in the change that is underway in District 2.

“So our district is going in the right area,” Tiller said. “So in deciding to decline the application. It means they care about our neighborhood and are ready to keep pushing our neighborhood into the right zone.

Tiller says he was satisfied with the commission’s decision and hopes the commission considered the three factors presented to them on September 6.

That is to say: the well-being of the community, the health and well-being of the community, and the safety of children.