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Sony launches new PS Store credit vouchers for PS Plus

Photo: Push Square

earlier in the month it was reported that Sony had halted its traditional digital production PSMore vouchers. These allowed you to purchase a one, three or 12 month subscription from third-party retailers, which you can then redeem on your account to extend your subscription. Sometimes these will be reduced.

On the official PlayStation website, he was directing customers to him PS. Store Credit, which you can of course use to purchase when you subscribe. Now, with the service available in Europe, new wallet recharge denominations have been released specifically for this PS Plus Layers Refurbished. Major UK retailers like to buy and Amazon uk It now lets you buy £84 PS Store credit which is a cost PS Plus Extra for one year.

There are also renamed options available in the US like $110 which is the price of PS Plus Extra and taxes. We’re not convinced this layout is as clean as the old option, just buying the subscription length you want and not having to worry about PS Store credit, but we’re guessing there has three tiers on offer, and it’s ultimately more manageable for retail screens.

Anyway, that’s how it is now: some PS Plus coupons are sold out, but there are extra deliveries for the renamed PS Store wallet.

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