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The Epic Games Store customizes the library

Improvements to library organization and customization are ongoing, as evidenced by the recent “Up next” entry in Trello a team management tool developed by developers Epic Games Store Uses. These highly requested features should be very useful for many customers with large libraries who like to shop on other customizable storefronts. steam Make it more competitive.

subordinate Epic Games Store It was launched in 2018 as part of Epic’s campaign to create a competitive storefront platform containing Epic games along with many other titles and exclusives. It’s one of the most successful features of the Epic Games Store’s weekly free games program, which sometimes offers AAA games worth between $40 and $60. Players who have been on the platform since the beginning will likely have several hundred free games in their libraries, which has led to increased demand for improved methods of managing these growing collections. The storefront has steadily grown in popularity thanks to the store’s free games and builds, sometimes for over a year.

Lots of development process Epic Games Store It goes through Trello and the funny thing is that others can easily see the paintings even if they are not part of the team. A notable addition to the Trello panel in the store is Favorites and Collections, pinned to the Up Next category. A sample screenshot of the feature is included which shows a drop down list of games to add to custom groups.

New Epic Games Store Library Features

The Up Next category also lists other features that players can look forward to. The Epic Games Store works socially with enhanced player profiles where players can view their achievements and earn platinum rewards. Work is underway on a user-controlled tagging system that will allow users to participate in polls, and a rating system has been planned, which will ask players to rate the game they are playing with a number of stars. Hidden achievements are also on the list, which is especially useful for spoiler-free achievement lists.

Many of these features are already present in other storefronts, such as B. steam, Epic Games Store’s biggest competitor. While weekly free games and exclusive games have helped drive traffic to the platform, an enhanced user experience and enhanced features like customizable libraries are a key step if the store is to lure gamers away from Steam collections. that they created.