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Vipp opens the first store in China, and it is the largest in the world

A Danish company, Vipp opened its first flagship store in Shanghai, China on September 1, 2022.

The 509m2 store holds the record for Vipp’s largest retail universe in the world.

The new space offers a complete design experience and showcases all Vipp products, including V1 and V2 kitchens, furniture, lighting, bathroom modules and accessories. A nod to the history and legacy of Vipp founder Holger Nielsen, the iconic pedal bin manufactured in 1939 is also on display.

The building was designed in 2010 by the Sino-Japanese architecture firm Kenji Mantani Studio as part of the Shanghai Expo.

Kasper Egelund, grandson of Holger Nielsen and CEO of Vipp, shares that:

“We were unable to travel to Shanghai, so this project was carried out remotely. We are facing new times and have worked closely with the local team and despite long distances and different cultures the result is impressive.

Vipp is also present in Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand.

Vipp Shanghai flagship store and showroom address:

Yuejie Exhibition Center B4-2-C1, 388 Bansongyuan Road,

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