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Virgo weekly horoscope: what your zodiac sign has in store for you July 3-9




When it comes to love, Venus aims high, and so should you – accept only the best and most genuine offers of passion.

An adventure thread runs through your map and all sorts of doors open to you – but it’s up to you whether you go through them.

Yes, Mars has your back, but it’s Mercury’s team building skills that make you solid gold in a work environment.

When it comes to love, Venus aims high, so you should only accept the best and most genuine offers of passion.

DAYS OF DESTINY: Take turns on Tuesdays, even with people you don’t really rate.

I'm sick of people thinking I'm a chav because I live in a council house
We use bins to stop NHS workers parking outside our homes to avoid a £7 charge

Get deals or ideas online Thursday. wait for the right
response over the weekend.

LUCKY LINKS: A row of wooden houses. Tasting a food for the first time. A place you have already visited for a family celebration.

DOUBLE “M” MOVEMENTS: Mars has you primed and ready to take a leap of faith – in private life and also professionally.

Instead of doubts, you just feel sure that you can and will succeed.

Because you have learned a lot from past mistakes and you trust your own skills.

Meanwhile, Mercury opens up your friendship and loyalty sector and proves 100% how right you were to believe in someone, even if maybe the world didn’t.

You appreciate real friends being there for serious and fun times.

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