Store rate

Weaner heads top at 674c, average 579c at Charters Towers store sale | North Queensland Register


The combined Charters Towers agents parked a total of 626 cattle at Wednesday’s main sale, comprising 588 prime cattle and 39 store cattle.

The large cattle consisted of 211 oxen, 46 heifers, 292 cows and 39 bulls.

The store’s livestock consisted of 34 steers, four heifers and a cow and calf.

The cattle consisted of reduced yardage due to a shorter week behind Easter, the yarded cattle sold very well and presented in good quality and condition.

Skidding was pulled from Mt Isa, Richmond, Hughenden, Mt Garnet, Julia Creek, local and coastal areas.

Oxen were quoted 5c more expensive, heifers were 5c easier, cows were 5c more expensive and bulls were unchanged from last week’s rates.

Steers and steers under 500kg sold for 420c and averaged 381c, and those over 500kg fetched 394c to 378c on average. Heifers under 540kg sold for 386c and averaged 349c. Cows under 400kg earned 350c and averaged 282c, while cows over 400kg earned 346c, averaging 292c. Bulls under 450kg made 376c and an average of 352c, while bulls over 450kg hit 370c for an average of 317c.

Bullocks topped 392.2c sold on a/c Turley Cattle Co, which weighed 594kg to fetch $2328/hd. Best price light trade heifers featured on a/c Unity Pastoral sold for 386.2c and weighed 346kg to fetch $1335/hd. The top cow pen was also sold by R and S Kirkwood, for 318.2c, weighing 574kg to fetch $1825/hd. Bulls sold on a/c West Leichardt topped 352c and weighed 440kg to fetch $1548/hd.


There were 1,618 cattle offered at Friday’s rain-affected in-store sale, including 784 steers, 644 heifers, 161 mickeys, seven cows and 22 cows and calves.

The cattle on display were mainly of good quality, with some good Brahmin lines and crosses, both sold at firm prices and an active buying panel, encouraged by the rain and isolated showers throughout the district.

Skidding was taken from Mt Surprise, Richmond, Mt Isa, Mt Garnet, Bowen, Hughenden, Croydon as well as local and coastal areas.

Steers under 200 kg reached 674c to 579c on average, steers from 200 to 320 kg sold at 674c, on average at 511c, steers from 320 to 400kg at 480c and on average at 443c and steers over 400kg sold at 432c to 432c on average. Mickeys under 400kg sold at 560c, with an average of 458c. Heifers under 200kg sold for 594c and averaged 473c, heifers from 200 to 320kg sold at 594c averaged 450c, heifers 320 to 370kg averaged 462c to 434c, and heifers over 370kg reached 478c, averaged 461c.

A line of 74 a/c R&S Kirkwood steers made 674c and weighed 205kg, bringing in an average of $1381/hd. A pen of 15 steers a/c Roncato Agri was 460c and weighed 353kg yielding an average of $1626/hd. A line of 60 a/c R and S Kirkwood heifers did 594c and weighed 194kg yielding an average of $1152/hd. A paddock of 20 Brangus heifers a/c JR Connolly did 478c and weighed 392kg yielding an average of $1872/hd. Four cows and calves sold on a/c M and M Lyons fetched $2,250/unit.