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Why EA Sports and the Epic Games Store can’t forcibly refund FIFA 23 if you got it for $0.05

The FIFA 23 pre-order phase got a lot more attention than expected, which happened due to a bizarre bug on the Epic Games Store. The upcoming football simulator has debuted on the platform and is available on Steam for PC gamers. Due to this bug, the game was available at an incredibly low price for over 40 minutes in several regions, with the Indian price being one of the lowest. However, a major question arose: could EA Sports and the Epic Games Store refund those who got it at the wrong price?

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FIFA 23 could be the last entry in the series to bear the iconic name. Following an earlier breakdown in talks, the series will be rebranded as EA Sports FC next year. With the FIFA World Cup coming up later this year, this year’s edition might be hard to miss for any loyal fans around the world. As a sudden surprise, many buyers in India realized that the Ultimate Edition’s available price on Epic was wrong. However, there were no issues with the purchase process itself, and while many were happy, the digital store has now decided to rectify the incident.

Epic Games Store was quick to rectify the problem with the price of FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition in India

FIFA 23 pre-orders began on July 20, following the reveal of its first trailer. The Ultimate Edition can be purchased for the listed price of $89.99 (excluding FIFA 22 and EA Play discounts). Along with all the other digital stores, the game was duly released on the Epic Games Store, but there was a problem. The price quoted was only 5 rupees ($0.05).

While many thought it was just a graphical issue, reality soon became apparent when some players proceeded with the transaction. A game that was supposed to cost so much came at the cost of a few candies. It’s unclear what led to this incorrect price, but it looks like a great opportunity for the FIFA community. This has led some to wonder if the game can be automatically refunded on the Epic Games Store side.

Although the actual details may involve some paperwork, refunds can only be issued from the player’s side in most cases. If someone who got FIFA 23 at the wrong price asks for a refund, the amount will be refunded to them. However, it is far-fetched to think that the Epic Games Store will be reimbursed on its own.

Plus, there’s another reason to believe that players will be able to keep the copies they’ve purchased. The pricing error was not the result of a cheat used by buyers, but a website error that occurred at the end of the Epic Games Store.

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Although consumers have taken advantage of the situation, it is something that is well within their rights. If a store makes an item available to shoppers, they need to make sure the price is correct since they set it. The wrong price was caused by an error on their part and not the buyers’. Forcing a refund on players will make Epic bitter, considering how the incident happened because of them.

Additionally, there have been rumors on social media about people receiving this particular email:

Content of the email (Image via Twitter)
Content of the email (Image via Twitter)

However, there has been no confirmation of the email and several players have claimed that it might be fake. As it stands, FIFA 23 will be in players’ library and they will be able to enjoy all of the game’s content starting September 27, which includes three days of early access.

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