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YouTube may launch a channel store for streaming services, report says

YouTube may be planning to launch an online channel store for streaming services through the YouTube app, positioning itself in direct competition with Amazon, Roku and Apple, three tech giants that each offer their own subscription hubs. to streaming.

As The Wall Street Journal reports, sources say the company has been working on its channel store for 18 months and plans to roll out the offering this fall. YouTube is apparently in talks with several entertainment companies and is discussing subscription revenue sharing with streaming partners.

The company declined to comment to The Wall Street Journal. TechCrunch has also reached out to YouTube for comment, but has yet to hear back. (We’ll update if that changes.)

If YouTube were to get a market for streaming services, it would be easier for subscribers to purchase multiple services through a single app. While YouTube TV already offers subscribers a way to add services like HBO Max to their streaming package, the new channel store would allow consumers to subscribe to separate streaming services through the YouTube app. main.

This decision makes a lot of sense for YouTube. Instead of spending tons of money on original content (remember YouTube Originals?), the tech company can provide access to other streaming services while generating revenue. YouTube would act as an intermediary between the streamer and the subscriber, taking a percentage of the subscription fees.

Additionally, with around 2 billion monthly viewers, a YouTube channel store would be an attractive partner for streaming services that want to reach more subscribers through the popular entertainment app.

YouTube isn’t the only media company looking to generate revenue from streaming services. Roku now offers a premium Paramount+ subscription on the Roku Channel. Today, Walmart announced its partnership with Paramount+ to offer Walmart+ subscribers a Paramount+ Essential membership at no additional cost.