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Zero Waste Store Business Plan | Marketing & Branding Ecopreneur Coaching Launch

The latest update includes a clear roadmap on how to progress from business ideas to opening a store. Participants can avoid mistakes by following results-based approaches and using checklists, templates, and systems.

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The new program is run by Stephanie, owner of Scoop Marketplace, the grocery store that has grown rapidly from its original base in Seattle, Washington. She uses her experience to support aspiring entrepreneurs at every stage of the business creation process.

Designed for participants who want to contribute to efforts to mitigate the effects of global warming and plastic waste, the course is suitable for all levels of experience. It starts by providing a clear direction for students to follow and helps them target their ideal clients.

As the course progresses, it discusses the importance of identifying a mission that aligns with personal and professional values. This forms the basis of a brand image that can be used to differentiate the business from others in the space.

Students will be able to collaborate with other participants both locally and globally. The workshop community provides space for networking, ideation, and marketing assistance.

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Scoop Intelligence created the program to help others help reduce plastic waste in the United States. Studies show that recycling fell by 5% in 2021, despite a 263% increase in plastic waste from 1980 to 2018.

The workshop provides participants with strategies and plans they can follow in an effort to reduce the rapid rate of growth of plastic waste nationwide.

Stephanie says, “The sustainability movement is growing at a rapid pace and we are here, at this moment in history, fully poised to lead our community and our planet into a healthier future. There are few things I love more than teaching and serving people and I have prepared this workshop to get to the heart of your shop, have goals and motivation, answer your questions to validate and soothe your fears, and get you started on the best path for you.”

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Contact information:
Name: Stephanie
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Organization: Scoop Intelligence
Address: 18839 129th Pl SE, Renton, WA 98058, USA

Build ID: 89078231

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